Annual Report

U.S. Pork Industry’s 2018 Successes

Last year was a challenging one for the U.S. pork industry, with producers taking a significant financial hit from punitive tariffs on U.S. pork from some of the industry’s major trading partners. But amid the turmoil, the National Pork Producers Council scored some significant wins for America’s pork producers.

NPPC staff in Des Moines and Washington, D.C., visited farms throughout the country, talking with producers about their concerns; attended meetings with other agricultural industry and business groups to align policy positions; met with food retailers and executives to discuss industry issues; lobbied members of Congress and executive branch officials on pork producers’ public-policy priorities; participated in dozens of policy meetings as part of various coalitions; and worked with representatives of foreign nations to expand market opportunities for the U.S. pork industry.

NPPC testified before congressional committees and federal agencies during the year, submitted comments on a number of regulations and trade matters and communicated the industry’s issues of importance to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and to Trump administration officials.

The organization communicated all of its efforts through staff in Des Moines and Washington and through various communications vehicles, including social media (see Page 3), to its members, the media and policymakers.

The result of that work? NPPC helped get congressional passage of several important pieces of legislation in 2018, including a new five-year Farm Bill that includes critical funding for foreign animal disease preparedness and prevention, defeated bad proposals and worked to maintain export markets for U.S. pork and opened new ones.
As always, the hard work and support of pork producers allowed NPPC to fight for the reasonable legislation and regulations and the new and existing market access detailed in the pages of this Annual Report.

We know most of you had to deal with economic challenges last year, but the legislative, regulatory and trade wins NPPC was able to score for you should, we hope, soften the blow. There really is no substitute for victory.