Annual Report

U.S. Pork Industry’s 2016 Successes

Last year was a challenging one for the U.S. pork industry, both in terms of making money – as is typical – and advancing its public-policy priorities. Getting things done in Washington was a little difficult in 2016 given it was a presidential election year.

As happens every year, the NPPC staff in Des Moines and Washington, D.C., along with state association and producer leaders, spent thousands of hours working on your behalf, working to protect your livelihood. That work included traveling thou-sands of miles to visit farms throughout the country and talking with producers, attending meetings to develop industry positions, meeting with retailer and food service executives to discuss issues, lobbying members of Congress and executive branch officials, participating in dozens of policy meetings as part of various coalitions and working with representatives of foreign nations and other agricultural industry groups. NPPC testified before congressional committees four times during the year.

All of those efforts helped advance proposals beneficial to the U.S. pork industry, stop ones that would have been detrimental to pork producers and communicate to the public, policymakers and the press U.S. pork producers’ priorities.

Through those efforts and your support, we were able to secure several victories for producers, including on stopping the imposition of stringent water-quality standards in the Mississippi River Basin, on setting up a Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine bank, on fighting the controversial Waters of the United States Rule and on opening South Africa’s market to U.S. pork exports.

Also in 2016, we continued to communicate with and to educate companies through-out the pork chain about the pork industry’s commitment to continuous improvement and to the ethical principles embodied in the industry’s We Care program, which affirm that producers do the right things on their farms every day.

Additionally, NPPC reached out to law-makers whose views represent the interests of U.S. pork producers, supporting them in their re-election bids. Our political action committee, PorkPAC, was very successful in the 2016 elections.

Much of what we accomplished in 2016 laid the groundwork for what we hope will be many successes in 2017. And with hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and a love for what you are doing – working with your animals, giving back to your communities and producing the safest, most wholesome food in the world – we will have many successes in the coming year.