Card Check

What’s the Background?

If a collective unit of employees wishes to form a union, currently it must abide by the National Labor Relations Act, which requires 30 percent of a collective unit’s members to support union certification before a secret ballot election on final approval can take place. Initial support is typically determined by using authorization cards – individual forms where a worker states his or her preference for union representation. Many labor organizations support secret ballot elections as the preferred method for determining majority support. However, the AFL-CIO wants union certification granted if a majority of a collective unit’s members checks “yes” on authorization cards, bypassing the election process.

Why Does It Matter to Our Producers?

The pork industry needs to work with organized labor unions to remain globally competitive. This ensures a viable, nonseasonal agricultural work force on farms and in packing plants.

What is NPPC’s Position?

NPPC supports labor and union rights; however, it does not support the “card check” method. Not only would it upset the balance among employees, employers, and unions, but employees may feel forced to vote for a union they do not support because of intimidation from union leaders present when a card check takes place.

Additional Resources

Card Check (PDF)