Regulatory Reform

What's the Background?

A number of areas of the rule making process are in need of reform. These areas include: accountability, congressional oversight, consistency, “midnight” rules and transparency. For more on these areas check out the issue paper below.

Why Does it Matter to our Producers?

Regulations are consistently cited by farmers and producers as the No. 1 burden on their productivity; they must expend additional resources to hire professional help to ensure compliance, or must spend their own valuable time deciphering the regulatory maze, which carries its own opportunity costs. In addition to added costs and lost time, the ever-changing regulatory landscape creates uncertainty for farmers and producers, hindering innovation while making it difficult to formulate investment plans or estimate next year’s returns.

What is NPPC's Position?

NPPC supports reducing the regulatory burden on U.S. pork producers by increasing accountability and transparency in the federal regulatory process, strengthening congressional oversight, eliminating state regulations that impede interstate commerce, broadening the scope of required economic analyses and requiring agencies to work with key stakeholders throughout the rule making process.

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