Tax Reform

What's the Background?

In any comprehensive tax reform package, NPPC and its members have determined and laid out priorities that should be included; priorities that include cash accounting, estate tax and stepped-up basis, capital investments, corporate investments and simplification. For more on these priorities click here.

Why Does It Matter To Our Producers?

Sustained growth in the pork industry relies on continued investment and expansion. The current tax code is complex, inefficient and requires extensive
use of professional accountants to ensure compliance. It penalizes farmers and producers who have achieved success and discourages the continuance of family farms, investment and entrepreneurship.

What is NPPC's position?

NPPC supports comprehensive tax reform to streamline business operations, encourage investments and make the American pork industry more competitive worldwide. NPPC and its members ask Congress to maintain the option for a cash accounting system, eliminate the estate tax while maintaining stepped-up basis, lower taxes on capital investments and allow immediate expensing of capital investments, simplify the tax code to reduce compliance costs and lower the corporate tax rate.

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