United Kingdom

What's the Background?

NPPC is encouraged by the mutual desire of the United States and the United Kingdom to negotiate a free trade agreement. However, any negotiation must ensure the elimination of all tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, which has happened in previous U.S. FTAs. Trade agreements are vital to the continued success of the U.S. pork industry. Currently, the U.S. exports more pork to the 20 countries with which it has FTAs than to all other nations combined.

What Does it Matter to our Producers?

The United States over the past 11 years, on average, has been the top pork exporting country in the world; it is the globe’s lowest cost producer of pork. In any given year, the U.S. pork industry ships product to more than 110 countries. Exports added $53 – representing 35.5 percent of the $149 average value of a hog – to every U.S. hog marketed in 2017, when $6.48 billion of U.S. pork was exported. The United Kingdom has a population of more than 65 million people, and pork consumption was 25.6 kg/per person in 2016. Unfettered U.K. market access would create a significant growth opportunity for U.S. pork producers.

What's NPPC's Position?

NPPC supports a stronger trade relationship with the United Kingdom. NPPC would support a U.S.-U.K. free trade agreement (FTA) if it is comprehensive and international standards are adopted.

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