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NAFB Convention and Trade Talk

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The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) leadership and subject matter experts will be attending the 80th National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) Convention to partake in the annual Trade Talk. This event connects agriculture broadcasters, industry leaders and students to discuss key issues and topics impacting U.S. farmers and producers.


Farm broadcasters are a trusted source, provide an invaluable service and are a vital tool for communication with the agricultural community as they continue to tell the story of the industry – the who, what, how and where of America’s food, fiber and fuel system.


NPPC leadership and subject matter experts will be speaking up about the latest policy priorities on animal welfare, commerce and production, environment and energy and trade.



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About NPPC

NPPC advocates for the social, environmental and economic sustainability of U.S. pork producers and their partners by supporting reasonable public policies that expand access to global operations and don’t unnecessarily restrict operations.

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Myth vs. Fact

Most Americans have never been on a farm, which is why opinions on pork production may be based on outdated or inaccurate information. By understanding a few basic facts, more people will appreciate the important role pork production plays in providing consumers with healthy and affordable food.

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2023 NAFB Convention Program

A quick overview agenda can be found here.

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2023 NAFB Trade Talk Guide

NPPC subject matter experts and topics are listed on pages 35 and 36.

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Economic Contribution of the U.S. Pork Industry


pork industry jobs


total pork producers


pork exports in 2022


added to the GDP

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NPPC Policy Priorities

  • Stay informed on current market conditions, industry trends and key issues impacting the pork industry.
  • The 2023 Farm Bill must prioritize securing the U.S. food supply and expanding economic opportunity.
  • Visa system reform to provide year-round labor is critical for agriculture.

Meet the Subject Matter Experts

Scott Hays


Michael Formica

Chief Legal Strategist

Maria C. Zieba

Vice President of International Affairs

Andrew Bailey

Senior Policy and Compliance Advisor

Holly Cook


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