Pork Facts


Nationwide, more than 60,000 pork producers annually market more than 115 million hogs.

On average, these animals provided total gross income of more than $20 billion.

The pork industry supports about 550,000 jobs.

These jobs range from pork producers and meat processors to transport and Main Street businesses.

An estimated $22.3b of personal income is supported by the pork industry, adding $39b to the GDP.

Pork production has an estimated $23.4 billion of gross output.

This activity is linked directly to states’ hog slaughtering and processing sectors. Sales from these sectors support additional input purchases, spending on transportation, and other services, as well as consumer-related purchases worth nearly $122 billion.

Exports of pork and pork-related products total over 2.2 million metric tons annually.

This number represents more than 26 percent of U.S. production, and these exports add more than $62 to the value of each hog marketed. Exports supported around 110,000 jobs in the U.S. pork and allied industries.

Animal agriculture in the U.S. is only responsible for 2.5 percent of total U.S. emissions.

Of that total, pork farmers were responsible for about one-third of 1 percent.