What is the Program?

Legislative Education Action Development Resource (LEADR) is the leadership development program of the National Pork Producers Council. It seeks to build, maintain, and coordinate an effective grassroots movement of trained and willing volunteers who can be mobilized easily and rapidly to advance important pork industry issues or defend against bad public policy. LEADR training provides pork producers with the necessary skills to become part of the grassroots mobilization of producers and industry allies to tell the story of U.S. pork. LEADR programs can be customized for states and are flexible to address the specific interests of a common group of participants.

Why Does it Matter?

If pork producers aren’t telling their story, someone else will! Producers’ voices are needed in the halls of state capitals and in Washington, D.C., to ensure that lawmakers understand how their decisions affect your business, your family, your community, and the U.S. pork industry’s ability to provide consumers with a safe, affordable and healthy supply of pork. As a LEADR, you will be kept informed about current industry issues and developments, AND you will help shape the public policy initiatives affecting the pork industry at both the state and federal level.

To become a LEADR participant, contact your state pork association, NPPC at (515) 278-8012, or Cody McKinley, assistant vice president, state and national relations, mckinleyc@nppc.org. If you are a contract grower or employee, contact your company and let it know you want a LEADR program in your state.

Once you are part of the program, LEADR will link you with your state and national elected officials and keep you updated when your public officials support public policies, legislation, or groups that could be harmful to your business. LEADR will notify you when your personal efforts are needed to make a call or visit, write a letter or take some other action to protect the U.S. pork industry.