The Foundation

Foundation Story

Educational opportunities provide insight into careers in the pork industry by connecting students with the persons, places, and systems.

Since 1984, the National Pork Industry Foundation has supported persons interested in serving the industry through:

  • scholarships
  • educational opportunities
  • avenues for advancement

The Foundation, a 501(C)(3), can use its resources for research and education with programs conducted in an objective, scientific manner.

  • Outside organizations may ask the Foundation to do research or provide an educational program related to an issue of concern to the third party.

Our Mission

The National Pork Industry Foundation’s mission is to support programs and educational opportunities for all people with a desire to advance their knowledge in the pork industry.

The Foundation encourages endeavors that strengthen and advance individuals to become productive and responsible in the pork industry. It encourages and supports collaboration to maximize resources in sustaining educational opportunities.


Your Support and Contributions Are Welcome

The National Pork Industry Foundation exists due to the generous support of pork producers and allied industry partners.

Together, donations to the National Pork Industry Foundation become a powerful tool to assist in the process of awarding scholarships, funding internships, and launching the careers of future leaders.

Individuals, companies, and organizations can contribute funding to the Foundation. This funding may qualify as a charitable deduction to the company for income tax purposes.