The Farm Bill

Pork producers need  Congress to address the problems triggered by California Prop. 12, protect our pigs by funding programs to prevent animal disease, and expand key programs that expand foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products.

California Prop. 12

A 2018 California ballot initiative, Prop. 12, prohibits the sale of uncooked whole pork meat not produced according to the state’s arbitrary housing dimensions. The initiative places the cost and compliance burden on pork producers, who are nearly all located outside of California, and puts the industry at risk of significant consolidation. The Supreme Court of the United States has said this is an issue for Congress to solve, and NPPC urges lawmakers to include a federal solution to Proposition 12 in any farm bill.

Protecting the Food Supply

Pork producers face increasing threats from foreign animal diseases (FADs). An outbreak would cripple the entire agricultural sector and result in the immediate loss of thousands of jobs. U.S. farmers would rely on federal and state animal health officials to coordinate the response, which allows for continuity of business and resumption of trade.

“At some point in time, somebody’s got to provide some degree of consistency and clarity otherwise you’re just inviting 50 different states to do 50 different iterations of [Prop. 12]. Farmers don’t need the chaos; they need clarity and certainty.”