Pork Alliance Program

Together We’re Stronger… Your Voice Matters

Pork Alliance is the program for allied industry companies to join the National Pork Producers Council. America’s pork producers recognize the key role allied industry companies play in the U.S. pork industry.


Pork Alliance dues help fund NPPC’s mission to advocate for the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of U.S. pork producers and their partners by fighting for reasonable public policy, defending our freedom to operate and expanding access to global markets.

Pork Alliance Membership Benefits

Benefits Member Partner
Closer association with producer members of the National Pork Producers Council
Opportunity for membership on the NPPC Board of Directors with voting privileges
Eligibility for appointment to various NPPC committees and task forces
Access to the latest pork industry information through the Capital Pork Report quarterly newsletter
Invitation to participate two Alliance Member meetings where NPPC producer officers and staff brief members on current industry issues
Recognition of your Alliance Member status at World Pork Expo, and the National Pork Industry Forum, industry’s annual meeting
Preferred WPX sponsorship opportunities, discounted show space, and special signage
Invitation to participate in the Pork PAC auction at Forum
Opportunity to work closely with NPPC on special surveys to study issues affecting pork producers and the entire industry
Ability to have NPPC present a LEADR training session to your staff and call upon experts for other meetings
Connection through NPPC to other organizations with similar goals and purpose
Presentations, updates, and discussion on current industry issues
Two exclusive invitations to the annual Pork Action Group (PAG) meeting
Ability to network with NPPC member producers, including representatives of the nation’s largest producers, and peers from the industry
Included with the business, PAG prioritize social opportunities at the Marco Island, Florida, event to maximize conversation and fellowship
Two exclusive invitations to the annual Packer Processor Industry Council (PPIC) meeting
Access and ability to network with packers, processors, and retailers of pork
Presentations, updates, and discussion on current industry issues
Your company logo showcased on NPPC website, Pork Alliance promotional materials, WPX program, and other NPPC communications
Preference on WPX sponsorship over Members and greatest discount on WPX indoor trade show space

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Reach out to Julie Schwalbe, NPPC Director of Industry Resource Development, by phone (515-645-9659) or by email.

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Reach out to Julie Schwalbe, NPPC Director of Industry Resource Development, by phone (515-645-9659) or by email.

“The National Pork Producers Council began when a group of producers gathered and acknowledged the need for activism on behalf of their livelihood in the political realm. They recognized their individual voices were amplified when they worked together to advocate for reasonable legislation, regulation and increased trade opportunities. The same thought defines Pork Alliance.“