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The World Should be Your Market

Producing the safest and the most wholesome and nutritious pork products found anywhere on the planet does not mean the U.S. pork industry automatically gets access to all the world’s markets. That takes hard work and often involves overcoming significant foreign tariff and non-tariff barriers. The key to keeping U.S. pork exports flowing is free trade agreements (FTAs), which can eliminate such obstacles.


U.S. pork is shipped to more than 100 countries, and those exports add significantly to the bottom line of each pork producer. Opening new and expanding existing markets for U.S. pork exports through FTAs is vital to the industry’s continued success. Here are the markets on which NPPC is focused:

map of Asia pacific region as a part of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership

Asia-Pacific Region

The CPTPP and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework would give U.S. pork access to the fast-growing region in the world.


Brazil has a de facto ban on U.S. pork that must be eliminated. NPPC supports opening the Brazilian market to allow fresh, frozen and processed U.S. pork to be shipped to Latin America’s largest economy.

Brazil flag
Ecuador flag


NPPC supports the United States negotiating a free trade agreement with Ecuador that would allow greater market access to the South American country.


NPPC lauds the trade progress with the Philippines. NPPC encourages the administration to continue working with the Philippines to establish a free trade agreement with zero tariffs on imported pork.

flag of the Philippines
flag of Thailand


NPPC wants Thailand to eliminate its de facto ban on U.S. pork, and all U.S. pork and pork products should be allowed full access to the Thai market.

United Kingdom

NPPC supports a stronger trade relationship with the United Kingdom, but it only would support a U.S.-U.K. free trade agreement if the U.K. is willing to eliminate all tariff and non-tariff barriers and embrace Codex and other international production standards.

flag of the United Kingdom
flag of Vietnam


NPPC wants Vietnam to waive all import duties, taxes and fees associated with the importation of U.S. pork and eliminate all non-tariff barriers to U.S. pork. Vietnam must recognize the U.S. pork plant inspection and approval system as equivalent to its inspection system.

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