About NPPC

A Singular Focus

Our sole charge is to protect the livelihood of pork producers in the U.S. We do so by regularly meeting and convening with legislators and regulators in our nation’s capital and international trade organizations. To all, we stress the nutrition and hard-won safety of the pork products you provide consumers, that you raise hogs humanely, and the enormous contribution of the pork industry to the U.S. economy and local communities across America.


Our work to enact reasonable policies—and often prevent unreasonable ones—allows you to prosper as you continue in your critical role in agriculture. We accomplish all this with the smallest participant investment.

Mission & Vision

We advocate for the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of U.S. pork producers and their partners by fighting for reasonable public policy, defending our freedom to operate and expanding access to global markets.

Our vision is that this industry—and way of life—will continue for many generations.

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Meet the People of NPPC: Staff and Board of Directors

NPPC has offices in Urbandale, Iowa, and Washington, DC, staffed with dedicated employees experienced in pork production, agriculture, and the workings of government at both the state and federal levels.

Drawn from all aspects of the industry, our Board of Directors assume their responsibilities for set tenures.

Careers: Join our team

The U.S. pork industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors of U.S. agriculture. Lawmakers and regulators often refer to us as “the kings of the barnyard” – slang for the full agriculture sector. Check us out.