Get Involved with our Action Center

Your Support Makes a Difference

Whether it’s through direct action, or simply by donating to our PAC, you can help NPPC fight for reasonable federal legislation and regulations, maintain and develop export market opportunities, and protect producers’ livelihoods today.

Producers walking to the Capitol.

Grassroots Action

Whether you come to Washington, DC, to meet with lawmakers, go to your state capital, make a call, send an email, or post a text—your voice counts. After all, if we aren’t telling our story, someone else will. Help lawmakers understand how their decisions affect your business, your family, your community, and the U.S. pork industry’s ability to provide consumers with a safe, affordable and healthy supply of pork. You can participate in our LEADR program or contact your State Association to be notified of information campaigns to get involved.


The political action committee of the National Pork Producers Council supports our grassroots efforts and funds the creation of communication materials and programs that defend your freedom to operate.

Producers walking to the Capitol.