Your Food is Our Priority

Our Promise

America’s hog farmers are committed to the special responsibility we hold for keeping American kitchens and consumers everywhere supplied with a healthy source of nutritious protein. More than 60,000 U.S. pork producers remain hard at work today, raising pigs with the highest standards of animal care and delivering the world’s highest-quality, most affordable pork.


“U.S. hog farmers are committed to maintaining the continuity of the food supply and we stand with the administration in its response to the COVID-19 challenge. The pork supply chain is operating, but now is the time to get ahead of looming challenges and ensure federal and state policies support farmers and the critical role they play in meeting the nutritional needs of the nation.”

– Howard “A.V.” Roth, NPPC President


The Industry’s Challenge

The U.S. pork supply chain is running as the nation responds to the COVID-19 human health challenge. To ensure pork production business continuity, hog farmers and pork processing plants are seeking solutions to address a serious labor shortage, which has been exacerbated by the suspension of visa processing at some U.S. consulates. While Department of Homeland Security has identified food and agriculture as an essential industry, we need federal, state and local government partnership on the labor challenge and other issues to support the uninterrupted supply of pork to Americans and consumers around the globe.


Coming Together to Find Solutions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance that includes U.S. pork production and all food and agriculture among 16 essential industries. U.S. pork producers need enforcement of this essential status at the federal, state and local levels to ensure the seamless operation of the pork supply chain. U.S. hog farmers need:

  • Available workers on our farms and at our pork processing facilities;
  • Access to grain and other key materials needed at our farms and pork processing facilities to raise our animals and protect the health of our workers, including critical animal and other supplies that are not produced or that are in short supply in the United States; and
  • Transportation systems that carry grain and these key materials to our farms and plants, moves our animals, and delivers pork products to markets.


Your food is the National Pork Producers Council’s priority.