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National Pork Producers Council

As the global voice for the U.S. pork industry, National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) advocates for the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of U.S. pork producers and their partners by fighting for reasonable public policy defending our freedom to operate and expanding access to global markets.


NPPC works on behalf of an industry that reliably and responsibly brings high-quality pork to markets across the globe. Comprised of 42 affiliated state pork producer associations, NPPC fights for public policies, programs, and trade pacts that ensure the U.S. pork industry can continue to provide consumers with the world’s safest, most wholesome, and nutritious pork products.

Economic Contribution of the U.S. Pork Industry


jobs are supported by the pork industry


total pork producers


hogs are annually marketed


pork industry adds to the GDP

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The Pork Industry adds more than $57 billion in GDP to the U.S. economy

More than half a million people work in the pork industry supply chain to provide a variety of safe, wholesome, and affordable products that nourish people all over the world.

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Speaking on the issues

Hardworking American pork producers need a strong voice in society. NPPC speaks out to legislators, regulators, and trade organizations on policy issues in agriculture and industry, animal well-being, commerce, food safety, the environment and energy, and more.

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Whether you’re a producer, a processor, a supplier to the industry or retailer, or someone simply interested in maintaining a long tradition of nutritious farming, NPPC makes it easy to get involved.

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