Meet Our Producers

Farmer Spotlight

We represent hard-working Americans all across our country who farm hogs. They take the responsibility of helping feed a nation and much of the world seriously. As vibrant members of their communities, they provide outsized contributions to the health of their local economies.


Throughout the supply chain, NPPC members protect the environment, abide by ethical principles in raising their animals, and safely deliver nutritious and affordable pork products. The tireless efforts of our investors who volunteer to serve on NPPC boards and committees are not just appreciated – they are essential. Their stories below will seem familiar to you – stories of commitment, responsibility, and a love of family and the industry.

Staff Member
Larry Leipold
Okabena, MN
Staff Member
Bill Kessler
Mexico, Missouri
Staff Member
David Herring
Served from 2019–2020
Lillington, NC
Staff Member
Jim Heimerl
Served from 2018–2019
Johnstown, OH
Staff Member
Ken Maschhoff
Served from 2017–2018
Carlyle, IL
Staff Member
John Weber
Served from 2016–2017
Dysart, IA
Staff Member
Ron Prestage, DVM
Served from 2015–2016
Camden, SC
Staff Member
Howard Hill, DVM
Served from 2014–2015
Cambridge, IA
Staff Member
Randy Spronk
Served from 2013–2014
Edgerton, MN
Staff Member
R.C. Hunt
Served from 2012–2013
Wilson, NC
Staff Member
Gary Asay
Osco, IL
Staff Member
Bill Luckey
Columbus, NE
Staff Member
Mark Legan
Coatesville, IN
Staff Member
Kyle Brown
Marion, OH
Staff Member
Phil Borgic
Nokomis, IL