Left unchallenged, fallacious stories about our industry practices can take hold—even in state and federal legislatures. To ensure lawmakers hear our side of the story, there’s LEADR, the Legislative Education Action Development Resource.


NPPC’s leadership development program gives pork producers the skills to quickly join industry allies in grassroots mobilization when critical legislation is debated. LEADR builds, maintains and coordinates this powerful public policy tool. The training and subsequent actions can be customized to address not just national issues, but those most pressing in your state.

To ensure lawmakers understand how their decisions affect your business, your family, your community, and the U.S. pork industry’s ability to provide consumers with a safe, affordable and healthy supply of pork, participate in the LEADR program by contacting Lucy Russell, russelll@nppc.org. If you are a contract grower or employee, contact your company and let them know you want a LEADR program in your state.