David Herring

Photo of David Herring
David Herring
Served from 2019–2020
Past Presidents, Producers (Farmer)

David Herring, is vice president of TDM Farms/Hog Slat, Inc. which he started in 1983 with his brothers Tommy and Mar, growing feeder pigs for market outdoors. Today, TDM Farms is a sow farrow-to-finish operation with farms in North Carolina, Indiana and Illinois. Hailing from Lillington, N.C., he serves on NPPC’s Board of Directors and is a past-president of the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) and is currently serving on the NCPC executive committee.

David is a 1981 graduate of North Carolina State University. David and his wife Lisa have three children: Magdalene, Mary Ellen and William.