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Animal Well-Being

Pork producers care deeply about the health and well-being of their animals and have a moral obligation to raise them humanely and compassionately. Healthy animals ensure safe food for consumers.

NPPC advocates for science-based approaches to swine health and production and opposes efforts to dictate on-farm production practices.

a caretaker examines a finisher pig in a pen

African Swine Fever

NPPC has been actively working with the U.S. government and other stakeholders to prevent and prepare for a potential outbreak of any harmful foreign animal diseases.


NPPC supports veterinary oversight of antibiotic uses and scientifically rigorous studies and risk assessments to help farmers make informed decisions about the use of antibiotics in food animals. Additionally, NPPC supports collaborating with the agricultural industry to voluntarily collect information on antibiotic use in animals.

nursing piglets

CA Proposition 12

Animal welfare is the top priority of America’s hog farmers. California Proposition 12’s arbitrary and unscientific standards fail to advance that goal and jeopardize a sow’s health. NPPC strongly opposes Proposition 12, believing its ban on the sale of out-of-state pork is a restraint of interstate commerce, a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Gene Editing and Cell Cultured Protein (CCP)

Gene editing can improve animal health, reduce antibiotic use and help produce safe food if it is not over regulated.

hog caretaker and veterinarian inspect pigs in a pen

Livestock Hauling

NPPC supports the bipartisan Modernizing Agricultural Transportation Act, which would establish a Department of Transportation working group to deliver, within one year, an action plan for reforms that support the safe, humane transportation of agricultural commodities, including pigs.

Sow Housing

NPPC supports the right of pork producers to use sow housing that is best for the well-being of their animals and their operation. It agrees with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and the American Veterinary Medical Association that individual and group pens are appropriate for housing pregnant sows.

group gestation on a sow farm

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