Once More Unto the Breach…

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Henry, let’s try this again. After a years-long hiatus, Hogs on the Hill (HOTH) is giving it another go in the blogosphere. With a swine’s eye view of the happenings on Capitol Hill, the other end of Pennsylvania Ave. – that’s the White House – and around the country, HOTH once more will attempt to give readers the scoop on the poop coming out of Congress, the executive branch, state capitals and the media that might affect, or be of interest to, America’s pork producers.

Don’t worry, it won’t be all politics, all the time. Look for interesting tid(bacon)bits, fun facts and some jabs at activists, journalists and, well, anyone who thinks he or she knows better than a hog farmer how to raise pigs. Posts may sometimes be irreverent but (we hope) always informative.

Initially, look for posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Of course, comments are welcome, but HOTH reserves the right to edit for space – we’ll cut to the chase – and to reject comments with foul or inappropriate language. (Use “which” when you should have used “that,” and you’re gone!)

And, as always, views and opinions expressed are those of HOTH and are not necessarily endorsed by any person, group or organization. We’re baaaack!