Terry Wolters

Terry-Wolters Headshot
Terry Wolters
Immediate Past President (Served from 2022–2023)
Board Officers, Past Presidents, Producers (Farmer)

Terry and his wife Sylvia own Stoney Creek Farms, where they have ownership in several sow farms, and he is also a partner in Pipestone System. He operates a farrow-to-wean enterprise, marketing 28,000 hogs per year, manages a 2,400 head research finisher, along with farming corn and soybeans. Wolters is also a member of Wholestone Farms.

In addition to serving as the Immediate Past President of the National Pork Producers Council, he also represents producers on the Animal Health Food Safety Policy Committee, Budget Committee and Trade Committee.

Terry has been active in the Pipestone County Pork Producers Association, Minnesota Pork Producers Association, South Dakota Pork Producers, National Pork Board and various state and national committees for each organization. He is also a member of Minnesota Farm Bureau.  Locally, he’s a Tri Parish church member and a 4-H – Pheasants Forever youth hunt instructor.

Terry is a graduate of Washington State University from which he holds a BS in Animal Science.

Terry and his wife, Sylvia, live near Pipestone, Minnesota.